Amazimals are lifelike animatronic plush that look amazingly real!

Vet Set- Vet Pets love when you take care of them! Put on the cast to help them feel better and check their heart beat with the stethoscope. Vet Pets are so happy when you pet them on the head!

Walkin Weefuls- Walkin Weefuls have an extra pep in their step! Pet them on the back to help these playful little pets walk around the room!

Weefuls- Wiggle with Weefuls! These super cute and cuddly animals are so tiny that they fit right in your hand. Watch them shake when you pet them on the back. They make cute animals noises while wiggling their tails with delight!

Whimsy Walkers- Whimsy Walkers are always ready to go for a walk. Pat their backs to watch them scamper, walk and hop while making all sorts of animal sounds.

Pull String Pets- Pull on the string to play with them and help them move around!

Tickle Pets- Rub their chins to see them giggle! Tickle Pets love to tap their happy paws. They are so ticklish and make adorable animal noises with the touch of your hand!

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