Zoom-O is a line of high-performance launchers with mind blowing pay off! With one-of-a-kind technologies Zoom-O’s high-performance launchers are sure to electrify kids and parents alike. A focus on durability, value and safety make mom feel good about the toy that she is bringing home, while kids cannot wait to rip off the packaging and see how high they can get their Zoom-Os to fly!

Zoom-O Disc Ripper- The Zoom-O Disc Ripper is the newest high performance launcher from Blip Toys! Pull back the rip cord to launch one of the two included discs over two stories into the air. The launcher features a sturdy ripcord, solid trigger and light weight frame while the giant disc includes aerodynamic blades and a rubberized edge.

Zoom-O Disc Launcher- This battery powered disc launcher can blast discs over 100 feet! A fun catch net allows kids to catch the discs as they’re coming down, whether they’re playing alone or with friends.

Zoom-O Ball Shooter- This battery powered ball shooter has the power to launch balls over 50 feet! A fun catch basket allows kids to catch the balls as they’re coming back down, whether playing alone or with friends.

Zoom-O Catch Fire- The Zoom-O Catch Fire is a motorized blaster like you have never seen before! The unique catch net lets you catch your opponents fire out of the air and automatically loads it into your hopper. The motorized blaster and dual triggers can launch the soft foam balls over 25 feet.

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